Dramatic Monotony

Monday, October 31, 2005

You see, urban sprawl can still be beautiful. I was leaving PSD after the USC vs. Washington State game, and I had to capture this view of downtown, just before sunset.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Yesterday, my parents adopted a new boy from Lone Star Shih Tzu Rescue. His name is Alex. He's a 16 pound white and tan cutie. He and Niles are busy working out the pecking order, but so far, Alex seems like the more dominant one. He's very mellow, but he's not as into dolls as Niles. Mom and Dad are enthusiastic, though now Mom has TWO dogs following her around all the time. My dad said to me, "Jennifer, maybe I should adopt a dog for myself. I wish someone liked me!"

Here's a blurry picture taken from my father's camera phone. I'll upload more later, once I receive them.

Alex and Niles meet

EDIT: More pictures came in my email!

Here's the picture of Alex from the Lone Star Rescue Group. This was the beginning of it all! Evidently, some idiot had shot him in the leg, but he's healed up well.

The two boys in the kitchen.

Checking out the backyard.

Closer view of Alex. He needs a bit of a trim from the groomer's, but otherwise, he's adorable.

Niles sent me an email today. I'll quote some of it -

Just wanted to tell you about this dog my "best buddy" brought to my house yesterday. I don't know how long he plans on staying but if he doesn't start playing "dolly" soon I may have to get in a fight with him.

We had lots of fun yesterday afternoon and went in the car to TWO pet stores. I was just perfectly behaved in the car and the stores, no matter what other people might tell you. I didn't growl at any of the little kids but I did have to put some big dog in his place once. That Alex just walked around everywhere being nice to people - it was so sickening. I had to ride in this stupid pet chair in the car while Alex got to sit on David's lap. Even though I tried to get their attention he just sat there like a dummy looking out of the window being "Mr. Perfect". I think he is going to need a lot of retraining. We went for a test run with the new coupled leashes and I was just terrific. I just let Alex go ahead all the time to make him think he was important. He sure likes to pee a lot - I'm glad we don't have trees growing in the middle of the street or we would never get done. He is so weird because he has to pee with his back leg in the air. I don't know who taught him that stupid way.

We ate our food nicely and didn't fight over it. Those cheap owners said that we would have to share our water bowl as there wasn't room for two more bowls. I think they were just too cheap to buy the second bowl. They got another bed like mine but I think that I am going to let Alex use my old one so I can have the new stuff. At bedtime Alex threw such a fit at being confined to the kitchen with me. He scratched at that wooden door thing until it gave me a headache. Anyway I showed him, because I started barking at him and went on for more than an hour, even though my owners came and told me to be quiet a couple of times. Anyway I showed them all. I slept on Alex's new bed and he had to spend the rest of the night on mine.

We were so tired this morning from all this activity that we didn't get up until late. We go outside separately to pee in the morning and then have our breakfast. My buddy put this powder stuff on our food called "The Missing Link" and it is supposed to help with my allergies. I think Alex is a bit overweight so he might have to go on a diet. Maybe it is because he had food available all day at his other homes - I would be e n o r m o u s if I had that opportunity.

Well David tried to take some pictures of us and of course I am the best looking dog in the whole world so I tried to mess up the pictures that weren't just of me. Hope you don't think Alex is cute but I keep hearing that he is just like some dog called Trixie (what a dumb name).

Who knew that dogs could type? I'm betting my Dad helped him with the keyboard.